12 10, 2018

Sauna Stretch


Sauna Stretch is a slow, gentle stretch  done in Sauna style Infrared Heat set at 120-130 F° with a 5-10 minute restorative cool-down in dim lighting with ambient "raining jungle" sounds.  Come to a hot oasis from city living and reap the benefits of more…

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11 10, 2018

Body Temp Yoga: Restorative Yoga


Renew your mind, relieve your aches and soothe your soul with the mindful practice of Restorative Yoga. This class begins with the perfect amount of slow and gentle Asana (physical practice) and Rolling (to release myofascial stress and tension) so t more…

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11 10, 2018

Body Temp Yoga: Yin Yoga


YIN YOGA CLASSES Body Temp has 4 different Yin Yoga Classes that will settle the mind while relaxing the body.  These classes are a must for everyone from athletes to chronic desk dwellers to overstressed parents to everyone else.  Each class has it' more…

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10 10, 2018

Body Temp Yoga Renew: Head to Toe Roll


HEAD TO TOE ROLL BETTER THAN FOAM ROLLING Bliss out in this "hurts so good" self massage rolling class based on Jill Miller’s Roll Model® Method using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Massage balls. The ultimate in recovery, this class will down-regulate your b more…

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