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Body Temp Yoga

Catalyze your path to wellness.

At Body Temp, our ongoing mission is simple– to teach breath and movement practices that will promote strength, balance and resiliency while enhancing and nourishing everyday living from the inside out.   

Body TempHot Yoga Studio is heated, offering infrared heat to help you find a deeply cleansing detox and energizing sense of vitality from the inside out.  Our classic Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Yoga with Weights, Fusion Yoga and Hot Core Class will challenge your stamina, endurance and balance.  Our Yin Yoga will help you release myofascial tension in the body while calming the mind.  These are the classes your body CRAVES!

Body Temp: Renew Movement Studio is unheated, and will help you recharge, rebuild and recover the joints of your body while building strength and flexibility in new ways.  Our signature Stretch, Roll Release; Head to Toe Roll; Pilates Core; Strength & Sculpt Yoga; Slow Vinyasa Flow and Foundation Training classes are your recovery from chronic pain as well as your pre-covery for whatever it is you’re training for (whether it’s life or the next triathlon).  All of our classes incorporate the use of Yoga Therapy Balls for myofascial release.  These are the classes your body NEEDS!

Our two studios are right across the street from each other, making all facets of movement and yoga accessible to all.


Please make sure you’re at the right studio.  

Body Temp: Hot Yoga Studio is upstairs from the Missing Sock at 2425 Chestnut Street.  

Body Temp: Renew Movement Studio is across the street from our hot studio on the ground level next to Mud Puppy’s at 2416 Chestnut Street. 

*Mats and towels are available to rent for $3 each.


Why Choose Us?

  • We believe in being Yoga Hot with the emphasis on the yoga while the heat is merely supplemental.
  • We strive to cultivate Equanimity (mental calmness or composure) at our studio.
  • We are compassionate, uplifting and fun. You will smile and feel good about your practice!
  • Our vinyasa, hatha, and pilates classes will help you unwind the stress and tension from your body and mind while getting an amazing body/mind workout.
  • The temperature allows you to explore deeper into your body, often resulting in relief from chronic pain, including back and neck pain.
  • The temperature allows you to explore deeper into your body, often resulting in relief from chronic pain, including back and neck pain.

  • Postpartum yoga for new moms and babies offers gentle fitness and boding time.

  • Athletes with gain flexibility and strength from a regular yoga practice.

About Us

This is such a great studio. Everybody really cares and takes the time to engage with the students. This is my favorite studio in San Francisco.
The teachers at BodyTemp really take the time to guide us on what we need to learn. Both Chadd and Heather really take the time comment on what I need which is so very helpful. This is a wonderful environment to learn and the workshops are amazing…
Working with the teachers at BodyTemp has enabled me to better understand my body and what I need to understand my practice. The studio is amazing…