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13 01, 2020

Recovery Training for Endurance Athletes


Rolling is the perfect way to jumpstart recovery and alleviate muscle soreness the day after a big race or workout. Endurance athletes put their bodies through a lot.  High performance can come at a high cost if you don’t incorporate a recovery train more…

Recovery Training for Endurance Athletes2020-01-13T03:34:42+00:00
12 01, 2020

Taking the discipline out of the discipline of yoga.


  Cultivating discipline in yoga: it's why we do it, right? But what does that really mean? When you look at the word discipline you come to realize dis·ci·pline /ˈdisəplən/ noun 1. the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of beh more…

Taking the discipline out of the discipline of yoga.2020-01-12T18:24:02+00:00
5 12, 2018

Hot Sculpt Yoga Teacher Positions Open


We are seeking Hot Sculpt Teachers! Classes needed: Get on our sub list to cover other Sculpt classes Wednesdays 630pm Saturdays & Sundays 11am The Type of Person we seek: a punctual, consistent "people person" who is good at multi-tasking and de more…

Hot Sculpt Yoga Teacher Positions Open2020-01-07T01:32:35+00:00
5 12, 2018

Job Opportunity – Reception Position


We are looking for part-time reception.  If only one of these shifts works for you, it's okay.  We are willing to have multiple reception people! Days and Shifts needed: Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays 5pm - 830pm Thursdays 5pm - 7pm Sundays 830am more…

Job Opportunity – Reception Position2020-01-07T01:32:35+00:00
12 10, 2018

Sauna Stretch


Sauna Stretch is a slow, gentle stretch  done in Sauna style Infrared Heat set at 120-130 F° with a 5-10 minute restorative cool-down in dim lighting with ambient "raining jungle" sounds.  Come to a hot oasis from city living and reap the benefits of more…

Sauna Stretch2020-01-07T01:32:35+00:00
11 10, 2018

Body Temp Yoga: Restorative Yoga


Renew your mind, relieve your aches and soothe your soul with the mindful practice of Restorative Yoga. This class begins with the perfect amount of slow and gentle Asana (physical practice) and Rolling (to release myofascial stress and tension) so t more…

Body Temp Yoga: Restorative Yoga2020-01-07T01:32:35+00:00
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