Bodyweight Circuit Training: Primer is a back-to-basics no-nonsense bodyweight strengthening class that focuses in on whole-body strength integration.  The best tool you have to get fit is your body.  This class teaches you how to use your body as a tool to strengthen your core, back, shoulders, and hips all in one session.
A typical class is as follows:
  • a joint-by-joint mobility flow warm-up
  • a circuit of 6 full bodyweight strengthening exercises with Chadd coaching you through optimal form
  • a finisher — a TRUE tabata style 4 minute HIIT workout  — that’s right 4 minutes.  IT’S ALL YOU NEED!!
  • an end of class recovery roll to bliss you out
What to expect:
  • burning muscles
  • a normal amount of sweating
  • happier joints (shoulders, hips, back)
  • elevated heart rate
  • at least a couple of “holy crap, why is this so hard?!” moments
  • a slower, controlled pace for most of the class until…
  • a faster more intense Tabata for the final 4 minutes
  • lots of laughing, fist bumps and hi-fives
  • to leave feeling fantastic…not exhausted.
Who is this class for?
  • all athletes who need to take a step back from their over-the-top training
  • all non-athletes who need to take a step back from their over-the-top training (bootcampers, HIITFitters, Soul Cyclers, etc)
  • those of you who want true strength not just cosmetic strength.
  • anyone who seeks to own their push-ups so their push-ups don’t own them (or their shoulders or their back)
  • anyone looking to feel younger, move better and look better in their movement.
The prime directive is simple:  Own Your Movement.