If you go to our Hot Classes page you’ll get a pretty good idea of what classes work for your needs and interests.

If you’re brand new then we suggest beginning with the Warm Yin or Bikram classes.  The Hot Power and Sculpt classes are way intense and could be too much too soon if you’re not used to moving in the heat.

Our suggestion is no matter what class you go to, allow your body the time to acclimate to the heat.  This could take 2-5 classes (or even more).  Don’t force yourself through the classes.  If you feel even the slightest bit dizzy or exhausted SIT DOWN and drink some water.  Take a break.  Give yourself the permission to chill out for a moment.

Just make sure to:

• arrive hydrated and bring or purchase water at the studio

• give yourself the permission to take it easy in the beginning

• give yourself the permission to leave early, especially in the beginning.  Even just a little time in the heat helps your body adapt.  We don’t hold you prisoner!

• bring a mat and towel and be prepared to sweat.  You can rent a mat & towel for $3 each.