First, DON’T PAY!  This is a super easy fix.

There are 2 things that could be going on here.

THE FIRST THING you booked out of order

The autopay feature on mindbody does not allow you to book out-of-order.  You have to book your classes in linear order.

For example, if you book a class for 2 weeks from today and then try to book a class for tomorrow, the system will read the tomorrow class as NOT being part of the autopay because you first booked the class for 2 weeks from today.

All you have to do is early cancel out the class you booked for 2 weeks from today and then go ahead and book tomorrow’s class.

THE SECOND THING your month on your autopay is close to expiring.

Another autopay feature on mindbody is that you can only book for classes on your current autopay month.  The system still treats you as if you were paying for one month at a time.  So if say your autopay is set to renew on the first of every month and you go to your delightful body temp mobile app on say, the 30th, and try to book for the 2nd of the next month (yes, it’s only 2 or 3 days away!), the system will not recognize that as a paid for month because you haven’t actually paid yet.  The recurring autopay hasn’t happened.  So you simply have to wait until, in this example, the first of the month when your autopay renews to be able to book for that rest of that cycle.