Our all-levels Basic Hot Yoga classes are set at 101°F. As these classes are non-flow the higher heat setting helps to soften the muscles and elevate the heart rate. As you may notice we are less hot than your standard Bikram or Hot Yoga studio. Our infrared heating helps create a deeper sweat without necessitating a higher temperature. This means you can sweat more and not feel as hot when you practice!

Our dynamic Power and Sculpt classes are set at 95°. As these classes are a flow the body builds a lot of it’s own heat so the higher temperature setting would not be beneficial to the yoga practice. Believe us when we say you’ll sweat as much if not more in these lower temperature classes than in our Basic Hot classes.

Our Yin class is set at room temp. The reality of the temperature in the room is probably more like 80°F to 85°F even with windows open. This is due to the carry-over from the previous hot classes. We do try our best to get the Yin temperature down to as close to 75° as we can. Yin is supposed to be practiced in a cooler environment. The Yin Yoga brings necessary balance to our Yang lifestyle!