You should always try your very best to show up on-time.  15 minutes before the start of class is ideal.  We understand that city life is hectic and San Francisco really loves getting in the way of us and our yoga practice!  Showing up late habitually is a big no-no, however.  We have some very crowded classes and if you do show up late then you run the very probable risk of not getting in.  We will not stop the yoga class just to rearrange the room in order to accommodate a late person.  We are willing to work with life’s unexpected moments but there’s a point where the habitual lateness can’t really be tolerated.  We try to cultivate a feeling of mutual respect between everyone. So, yes, sometimes we are late and we hope that everyone in the room can have some compassion for the latecomer.  But at the same time, the latecomer needs to have compassion for everyone else in the room and not disturb their practice.