Body Temp: Hot Yoga Studio & Unheated Renew Studio FAQs2020-01-07T01:32:35+00:00
When does the 2 Week Intro Begin? On the purchase date? Or the date of the first visit?2018-10-23T21:46:10+00:00

The 2 Week Intro Trial does not begin until you take your first class.  When you purchase there will be an expiration date that is automatically assigned from the date of purchase.  However, that expiration date is automatically readjusted to the date of your first class.

Best way to contact Body Temp?2018-10-23T21:47:44+00:00

Email is usually the fastest way to get an issue resolved.  Just reach out to Chadd.


Phone:  415-922-1958

Where is Body Temp located?2018-10-18T00:33:49+00:00

We have 2 studios, each one located directly across the street from one another. 


Studio 1 Hot Studio

located above the Missing Sock Laundry

2425 Chestnut Street  2nd Floor

SF Ca 94123


Studio 2 Renew Studio

located on street level next door to Mei Fei Seamstress

2416 Chestnut Street

SF Ca 94123



I emailed but I got no response.2018-10-18T00:30:55+00:00

Hey, I am only human.  Occasionally emails sneak past me because I get so many of them everyday.  Just send a second email along.  If you don’t hear from me within 12-24 hours then definitely send it again.   Email to info@bodytempyoga.com.  

Do you rent mats & towels?2018-10-18T00:13:07+00:00

Yes, we sure do.  Mat and towel rentals are $3 each. 

HOWEVER, if you end up registering for our CORE PLUS MEMBERSHIP rentals go down to $1 each. 

CORE VIP MEMBERSHIP gets free mat/ towel rentals.

How do I prepare for hot classes?2018-10-18T00:11:49+00:00

Come to class hydrated.  If you know you sweat a lot you might want to look into purchasing supplements that help you stay hydrated in a heated environment like S! Caps or Osmonutrition.  The heat is most definitely dehydrating your body so come prepared knowing that.  Chadd highly recommends a hydrating supplement for every class.

What to bring:

  • water (ideally with some sort of hydrating supplement)
  • mat & towel (we rent them for $3 each)
  • change of clothes (you’re going to sweat big time)
  • wear whatever makes you feel comfortable in a group setting.  Just know you will sweat through those clothes.
  • your awesome self
Are clients allowed to leave class early?2018-10-18T00:07:35+00:00

You have the self-given permission to leave class whenever you like.  We will never hold clients hostage in a heated environment.  We will never judge you for leaving early.  Your health is our number one concern.  IT’S OKAY TO LEAVE EARLY.  We only ask that you leave when people aren’t in the middle of a pose.  

I’m new to hot yoga. What classes should I begin with?2018-10-18T00:06:16+00:00

If you go to our Hot Classes page you’ll get a pretty good idea of what classes work for your needs and interests.

If you’re brand new then we suggest beginning with the Warm Yin or Bikram classes.  The Hot Power and Sculpt classes are way intense and could be too much too soon if you’re not used to moving in the heat.

Our suggestion is no matter what class you go to, allow your body the time to acclimate to the heat.  This could take 2-5 classes (or even more).  Don’t force yourself through the classes.  If you feel even the slightest bit dizzy or exhausted SIT DOWN and drink some water.  Take a break.  Give yourself the permission to chill out for a moment.

Just make sure to:

• arrive hydrated and bring or purchase water at the studio

• give yourself the permission to take it easy in the beginning

• give yourself the permission to leave early, especially in the beginning.  Even just a little time in the heat helps your body adapt.  We don’t hold you prisoner!

• bring a mat and towel and be prepared to sweat.  You can rent a mat & towel for $3 each.

I’m at the studio but it doesn’t seem like the class is happening. What’s going on?2018-10-17T23:58:32+00:00

Body Temp has 2 studios located directly across the street from one another.  You’re probably at the wrong studio.  Simply go across the street and voila! there’s your class.


Studio 1 Hot Studio

located above the Missing Sock Laundry

2425 Chestnut Street  2nd Floor

SF Ca 94123


Studio 2 Renew Studio

located on street level next door to Mei Fei Seamstress

2416 Chestnut Street

SF Ca 94123


Does Body Temp accept late arrivals?2018-10-17T23:55:22+00:00

We do everything within our power to accommodate everyone.  We realize life in the city is hectic and occasionally traffic gets between you and your yoga practice.  We cannot guarantee that you’ll get in if you show up 1 minute late as some of our classes do not have a reception person (ie. the early 6am) and if no one is behind the desk we need to lock the door for the safety and security of everyone. 

Parking nearby?2018-10-17T23:54:10+00:00

Yes.  There is plenty of parking in front of and around the Body Temp studios.  Just out front is metered 4 hour parking.  A couple of blocks west towards the Presidio and around the neighborhood is free 2 hour parking.  There is also a parking lot just a few blocks away at 2055 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123.


Can I park my bike inside the studio?2018-10-17T23:51:25+00:00

We’re sorry but we cannot make exceptions to storing bikes in the studio.  We work hard to maintain a clean space.  If you forgot your bike lock we have an extra one you can use outside.


Yes.  If you have your own lock then we suggest you bring it.  We do lock the door once class begins if no one is out in the reception area.  We also have camera in the space to guard against theft.


Alas, no.  The entire building would require a complete structural overhaul in order to accommodate showers.  We are a small studio snugged in the middle of the Marina district neighborhood in a building shared by a laundromat and a dentist.  Such an overhaul would be unbelievably expensive.  Believe me, it was the VERY first thing we looked into when we took over the space.

Does Body Temp charge for late cancellation?2018-10-17T23:46:51+00:00

We currently do not.  There are enough penalties out there in the world today.  We don’t want to add yet another burden.  But we do kindly ask you cancel if you’re not going to make it.

How do I cancel a class for which I was registered?2018-10-17T23:45:33+00:00

The easiest way is to download our new Body Temp mobile app (download address coming soon)  or you can do it online through your account via either mindbody or the www.bodytempyoga.com website. 

How do I cancel my autopay?2018-10-17T23:40:14+00:00

We make this as easy as possible for you.

Email Chadd at info@bodytempyoga.com and he will cancel the autopay.  Only minimum time needed to cancel is any time BEFORE the upcoming charge.  If the charge went through already and you want a refund we will charge you a $25 service fee for the refund.

How do I cancel my autopay membership?2018-10-17T23:38:36+00:00

We make this as easy as possible for you.

Email Chadd at info@bodytempyoga.com and he will cancel the autopay.  Only minimum time needed to cancel is any time BEFORE the upcoming charge.  If the charge went through already and you want a refund we will charge you a $25 service fee for the refund.

If my card expired and I was notified that my current charge did not go through, what do I do?2018-10-17T23:36:55+00:00

If your card is expired and your recent membership charge did not go through, make sure to update the new card info either online or in-store but DO NOT purchase another membership.  Chadd will run the charge through.  Otherwise you’ll create multiple memberships and get charged double!

How do I change my credit card online?2018-10-17T23:32:37+00:00

If your card is expired or if you want to switch credit cards go to your online account here and make the change there.

Can I freeze my membership?2018-10-17T23:27:35+00:00

You can freeze your membership 2 times a year.  To freeze just email Chadd at info@bodytempyoga.com and request a freeze.  You may freeze for as long as you like.


What are the benefits of doing yoga?2018-10-17T16:22:15+00:00
  • increased flexibility in the muscles
  • increased mobility in the joints
  • increased libido (oh yeah!)
  • stress and anxiety reduction
  • mood enhancement
  • clarity of mind
  • improved cardiovascular and respiratory health
  • improved posture
  • improved balance, range of motion, and strength
  • helps reduce risk factors for chronic diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure
  • helps alleviate chronic conditions such as depression, pain, anxiety, and insomnia
  • eternal enlightenment (om yeah!)
  • awesome attitude adjustment
  • relief for back, joints, and neck pain
When should I show up to take a class?2016-01-21T01:15:42+00:00

You should always try your very best to show up on-time.  15 minutes before the start of class is ideal.  We understand that city life is hectic and San Francisco really loves getting in the way of us and our yoga practice!  Showing up late habitually is a big no-no, however.  We have some very crowded classes and if you do show up late then you run the very probable risk of not getting in.  We will not stop the yoga class just to rearrange the room in order to accommodate a late person.  We are willing to work with life’s unexpected moments but there’s a point where the habitual lateness can’t really be tolerated.  We try to cultivate a feeling of mutual respect between everyone. So, yes, sometimes we are late and we hope that everyone in the room can have some compassion for the latecomer.  But at the same time, the latecomer needs to have compassion for everyone else in the room and not disturb their practice.

If I have some health problems (asthma) or I am pregnant, can I practice yoga?2016-01-21T01:15:10+00:00

You can practice yoga. In fact, we do strongly encourage this. However, you should have a chat with us before your first class. You may have to approach the sequence in a slightly different way than everyone else and you may only be able to practice one part of the class. You should also, of course, consult your doctor first and foremost and if your case is a bit more extreme we would love to work with you and your doctor on a safe approach for you.

How often should I practice?2016-01-21T01:14:40+00:00