We are seeking Hot Sculpt Teachers!

Classes needed:

Get on our sub list to cover other Sculpt classes

Wednesdays 630pm

Saturdays & Sundays 11am

The Type of Person we seek:

a punctual, consistent “people person” who is good at multi-tasking and dealing with hot sweaty people.  Our preference are for teachers who can teach across modalities ie. teach sculpt, power yoga, bikram yoga, pilates mat.

Teaching duties:

Showing up on time.

Beginning & Ending class on time.

Cleaning up the studio space after class.

Greeting people from behind reception as people enter.


Practice at our studio to see if we’re a good fit for you.  If you haven’t been here before do our Introductory 2 Weeks for $30 and see if you want to work and practice with us on a continuing basis.  We only hire from people who want to be at Body Temp.  We pull from our community!

Once you’ve joined us you can always talk to Chadd or Rikk.  One of us is ALWAYS at the studio.

We don’t want resumes.  We just want good self-motivating people who love to move and are curious in learning more about the body and about teaching!