10 10, 2018

Body Temp Yoga Renew: Head to Toe Roll


HEAD TO TOE ROLL BETTER THAN FOAM ROLLING Bliss out in this "hurts so good" self massage rolling class based on Jill Miller’s Roll Model® Method using Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Massage balls. The ultimate in recovery, this class will down-regulate your b more…

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20 09, 2016

Stretch, Roll & Release: Hips/ Shoulders


STRETCH, ROLL & RELEASE An "outside-the-box" flexibility/mobility training and recovery class that uses active resistance stretching along with Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Massage Ball rolling techniques. Your muscles and joints will feel buzzed after more…

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19 09, 2016

Body Temp Yoga: Bikram Yoga


IMMERSE YOURSELF INTO EACH POSE. ONE AT A TIME.  The Bikram Yoga class is Body Temp's more compassionate and biomechanical approach to the classic hatha non-flow 26 posture hot yoga sequence.  We do a slight change in sequencing that is a better fit more…

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19 09, 2016

Body Temp Yoga: Hot Pilates


  2 DIFFERENT HOT PILATES CLASSES INFERNO HOT PILATES Inferno Hot Pilates is high intensity interval training focusing on working all parts of the body with an emphasis on activating the core and glutes. It’s low impact so safe on the joints but more…

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19 09, 2016

Hot Yoga Studio: Hot Power Yoga


FEEL THE FLOW IN THIS CHALLENGING VINYASA POWER YOGA CLASS. The Hot Power Yoga class is a stimulating heated vinyasa flow that challenges your stamina and endurance. WHO IS HOT POWER YOGA FOR? Those who seek a strong hot yoga flow in a fun and relaxe more…

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19 09, 2016

Hot Yoga Studio: Hot Fusion Yoga


JUST THE RIGHT BALANCE BETWEEN FLOW AND STATIC YOGA. Our Hot Fusion Yoga class is the perfect balance between our HOT BASIC "one pose at a time" class and our HOT POWER Yoga.  There's some flow but not too much. There're some static postures but not more…

Hot Yoga Studio: Hot Fusion Yoga2020-01-07T01:32:36+00:00
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