Body Temp has 4 different Yin Yoga Classes that will settle the mind while relaxing the body.  These classes are a must for everyone from athletes to chronic desk dwellers to overstressed parents to everyone else.  Each class has it’s own unique approach to the art of yin.


This Yin class is a must for EVERYBODY – triathletes and desk dwellers alike! Gentle Yin yoga poses revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs, targeting the fascia and connective tissue around the joints, and calming the entire nervous system. Props are used to support the body, and enables a long, meditative hold in each pose, stilling the mind and encouraging inner awareness and present moment, calm focus.

Each class is deliberately sequenced with poses that will bring benefits to the hips, spine, and entire body.  Say goodbye to achy joints and low back pain!

Yin is a quiet and more meditative practice that will leave you lighter, calmer and released. Candles and soft music will leave you ready for an easeful day.


A cozy 90°F infrared heated yin class for those who like their yin yoga a little (not a lot) bit warmer.



A hot yin meets a mindful flow class.
The perfect blend of movement and stillness. This class is thoughtfully sequenced to warm and detox the body with movement before landing in longer held passive yin postures.
Come to flow, come to unwind, the perfect space for beginners and advanced students alike!
Rolling Yin Yoga Nidra is a 3-part journey into ultimate relaxation.
The class opens with a hurts-so-good self-massage rolling sequence to iron out the day’s stress and tension.
This is followed by a yin yoga sequence that further sets the stage for the mind and body to receive the full effects of yoga nidra.
Yoga nidra is a guided meditation that lulls you into a conscious sleep state where your body is fully relaxed and your mind is amazingly calm.
Rolling + Yin + Nidra = ahhhhhh